Cine Rebelde

movements have to leave footprints and documents of their passion and utopia,

for their visions and memories to remain alive for future generations“

((i)) the film


Cine rebelde is an independent media collective that has been producing clips, short films and documentaries about environmental and social movements for twelve years.

We produce films or work on translations of existing productions in cooperation with like-minded film-makers and media collectives.

Our approach is ‘advocacy journalism‘. We deliberately document from the perspective of social struggles. We want to provide an insight into the political movement, apart from the usual formats of the established mass media. We see ourselves as an active part of what is happening and want to provide a voice those that hardly ever appear in the mainstream media.

The aim is to portray the movements perspective on conflicts, the utopia and visions of a better world, and make it available to a broader public. Our documentaries are about writing history ourselves rather than letting history being told by the powerful.

social movements without documentary films are like families without photo albums

freely adapted from Patricio Guzman, chilean filmmaker

(La batalla de Chile, 1973)


We cover topics such as migration, social injustice, anti-nuclear, climate justice, genetic engineering, community supported agriculture, struggles for self determination, counter-summit protests, protests in other continents, etc., which are both locally and globally relevant.

Our films can be freely copied and are generally available online. We appreciate people that take initiative to organize non-commercial and other screenings.

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